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Say NO To Obama Giving Aid To Syria
Published On June 27th, 2014 by

Another blog post.. it has been awhile huh? Well, I saw this on CNN and feel like I have to say something about this.

Disclaimer: This is a political blog post, no cat photos, no “how to make monies online” info, no update on my life or whatever else I used to blog about here. In other words, you don’t have to read this.

Ok so, Obama (aka the Democrats) want to give $500 million of our (Merica’s) money to Syrian rebels to help “defend themselves” from the Syrian Government and probably ISIS. The $500 million is part of a bigger $1.5 billion deal that the Dems’ call a “regional stabilization initiative” :/

I personally think this is the stupidest idea ever. I believe we should stay out of Syrians problems, just like we should have done with Iraq (it’s not too late to learn from our past mistakes). I also believe that we should rethink our whole “military assistance” policy as whole. Please note that “military assistance” is part of foreign aid as whole. In 2009 we gave away around $45 billion in military assistance to other countries.

So, if you never ever read the news, Syria is currently in a civil war. To long story short it, the Syrian “President” Bashar_al-Assad kept his opponents in control by brute force, using torture and scare tactics to remain in power. In the US we have Republicans vs Democrats, in Syria the “political parties” are absolutely insanely confusing. But, long story short, its Sunni vs Alawite (the people whom are currently in charge of the Syrian government) and Shia’s (who have teamed up with the Alawites). Now to make it confusing.. Syria is a tribal nation just like most of the middle east, which means that they are all basically fighting each other, such as Sunni vs Sunni, Shia vs Shia (not to much as Sunni vs Sunni though), etc.

The Alawites, which are a minority in Syria (about 12% of total population), took power back in 1963 and have used violence to retain their power. Now the Sunni’s have risen up and they are pisssssed, and want revenge. The Alawites know this, and they also know that the Sunni’s want revenge for all the deaths that the Alawites have caused to retain their power. The Sunni’s want to wipe out the Alawites completely, which means the Alawites are fighting just to survive (not just fighting for political reasons).

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure why the shia’s are fighting with the Alawites. Apparently in 1974 the Alawites were officially recognized as shia Muslims according to this article.

Oh, and there are also the Kurds, which are pretty much defending themselves from the others.

Now remember, I’m Merican’ not Syrian. I am not exactly sure what they are fighting for now, the Syrian war is extremely confusing, but I think I’m pretty close. So feel free to correctly if I am wrong with any of this.

I do know that we should not give any money to any of them. Right now Russia (unofficially) is giving support to the Syrian government, which again I’m not sure why, maybe its money, or loyalty, who knows. Iran is also supporting the government, Iran is mostly Shia. Check this map for more info on that.

We (Merica’) are helping the rebels. Why?? You ask.. I have no idea. I don’t see how helping the rebels is strategically helping us at all. But the dems think so..

Now, there is also ISIS, which is a very violent Sunni rebel group that is so violent that it was kicked out of al-Qaeda for… being to violent :/ We (Merica) are also fighting ISIS in Iraq. Which makes no sense why we would want help the rebels.

I don’t believe we should have gotten involved in the whole Iraq thing at all. I was in high school when we invaded Iraq, and thus didn’t do jack shit to stop it. Now I strongly believe that we should stay 100% out of the Syrian civil war, and I can’t do much other than blog and post some rants on Facebook.

I ask you, if you are a Democrat, please don’t support the rebels (or anyone of the political parties in Syria) by giving them arms, money, and/or training. Call your Senator or whatever you do.

And if your an Republican or independent, lets hope (heh) that the dems don’t go around congress again, lets speak up!

Lets stay out of this, please share or like if you agree.


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My $95.17 Mistake – Godaddy Redemption Fee
Published On February 18th, 2014 by

Well I made a big mistake, I forgot to renew one of my top domains.. developerhut.com

I’m not quite sure how exactly I forgot to renew the domain, most of my domains are on auto renew, but I think I accidentally turned auto-renew off on this domain when I was cleaning out my domains a few months back, I also didn’t see it was not on auto-renewal when they sent the renewal emails, either way I fucked up..

One of my buddies told me that the domain was down. The domain is with Godaddy.com, and when I logged into my Godaddy account I saw that not only the domain was expired, it was also currently was listed for sale on Godaddys domain auctions.

Bummer, so I made a $16 bid to see what will happen. An hour later I was outbid by some douche bag.

Later on, the domains’ auction expired and the winning bid was at a whopping $136, another punch to the face!

unnamed (8)

Of course I then looked more into Godaddys Redemption process..

So how does Godaddy’s redemption process work?

Godaddy explains the process pretty good on their website, you should read this page – What happens after domain names expire? – and this one – Recovering Expired Domain Names

There redemption is pretty straight forward, you have from the 1st day the domain expires to the 17th day to renew the domain without a “redemption fee”, which costs $80.00. If you renew the domain anytime after the 18th day, then you will have to pay a $80.00 redemption fee if you want the domain back. You have a total of 42 days after the domain expired to get the domain back.

If you have not renewed the domain or paid the $80.00 redemption fee by day 26th since the domain expired, then the domain will be put on godaddy auctions. Once on Godaddy auctions people can bid on the domain, and the highest bidder will win the domain… only if you do not renew the domain before day 42 after the domain expires.

If you want, you can let the domain go to Godaddy auction and then bid (and hope to win) the domain that way, but its very risky because if you loose the bidding, then you loose the domain.

I waited until day 38 to pay the $80.00 Godaddy redemption fee and I didnt have any problems with the whole process, other than being pissed off at myself for letting this happen.

unnamed (7)

The total cost was $95.17 because you also have to renew the domain, along with paying the fee.

I hope you can learn from my $95 mistake today, I definally did, tomorrow I’m going through all my domains and make sure the important ones are renewed for a few years ahead, and that my good domains are on auto-renew. I do buy some crappy domains that I dont want to renew, so not all of my domains are on auto-renew.

Happy selling!


Case Study: UnblockWebsites.Com
Published On February 7th, 2014 by

unnamed (5)

Yeah yeah, its been a long time since I have blogged. So I figured I would start back up with something fun for all of us, a case study on a new websites I am launching.

History Of UnblockWebsites.Com

I bought the domain unblockwebsites.com from Godaddy.com back in 2004 or 2005 back when registration was like $20 a domain. The whois says I got the domain in 2007, but that is incorrect. Back in 2005 I made the website into a normal web proxy server, but because of the high server cost back then it was not cost effective.

You can see the archive of the site here.

Since 2007-2008 the domain has just been sitting, not doing jack shit. In 2012 I placed Sedo ads on the website, but I didn’t make much money at all with Sedo so I decided to develop the website.

I also placed the website for sale on Sedo for around $2500, but got zero takers. With the Sedo ads, the domain was making about $7 per month just sitting. But I was getting $0.01 CPC. But Sedo did have a 26% CTR which I thought was good.

The Plan

I want to develop this website with little time and money. My plan for this website is to get the website up and running, the just do normal link building and some social media advertising.

A few weeks ago I found a free proxy web template that I am currently using on the site. The actual proxy server is from Proxy Script, which they allow other people to use there backend proxy, you just have to add a link to there main website on your website. They make there money from running ads on the actual proxy server.

I’m not sure if I want to host the proxy server myself or just let Proxy Script do it, but right now I’m just gonna focus on the front end of the site, then worry about the backend later.

My goal is to make around $250+ per month profit with this investment. Im guessing that I will have to spend around 50$-100$ per month the first 3-6 months to get the website ranked, but besides link building, this website doesn’t need that much mula to get going.

I dont want to talk about my SEO plan with this website just yet, but my goal is to rank good for the 2 following terms: “unblock websites” and “unblock netflicks”. The “unblock websites” keyword should be fairly easy because of the domain, but the “unblock netflicks” one will take tons of work. Good thing SEO isnt my first rodeo!

With the new and improved Google search, SEO is mostly content these days. So I plan on writing at least 25-30 good articles for the website within the next 2 months. Notice how I bold the work “good”. With the recent google updates, you really need to focus on good quality content in order to rank. The days of paying some random person $0.02 per word on freelancer.com are over, unless you want crap quality content.

With the content for this site, I plan on writing half of the content myself, and then hire someone who knows proxy servers well to write the rest. There will be a cost for that of course.

Current Stats?

85% of the current traffic comes from type-in traffic. 10% of the traffic comes from really random search terms. Then the rest of the 5% comes from random forums.

Right now the website isn’t doing much with search traffic, but I plan on changing that. There is also no paid traffic as well.

Below is a screenshot of Google stats.


Whats Next?

I plan on keeping my blog updated during the whole process. Over the weekend I will be extending the homepage, adding the terms of use, contact us page, FAQ, and then the sitemap. The current content on the site is just filler content.

Next week I will start writing good articles such as “How to unblock Netflicks”, “How to unblock Facebook”, etc. Im hoping to add at least 10 articles next week besides the pages mentioned above, which will give the site a total of 30 pages or so.

Once I have around 30 pages on the website, I can then add Google Adsense onto the website and start making some mula. Other than Google Adsense I plan on adding an affiliate offer I found, Ill talk more about that later.

After the content is all done and I am happy with the websites on-site SEO, then I will start link building. Ill blog about the whole process FYI.

So, lets see if I can turn this site that is currently making $0 per month, into a website that is making $250 per month with little work.


How To Track PHP Errors
Published On July 10th, 2013 by

Whenever someone asks me to help them fix any php problems with there website the first thing I ask them is what there error logs say. A lot of people don’t keep track of there errors logs which amazes me, so I’m gonna do a little write up on how I keep track or my errors logs.

Most of the time I dont keep track of my sites php errors on wordpress sites like this, however if I am doing any coding work on a theme I usually track errors then. I definitely keep track of errors on my eCommerce and feeder sites. If someone gets an error during the checkout process then they will probably give up and move on to your competitor. It also makes your business look bad when your websites broken or something doesn’t work right. So making sure your website has very few errors is a simple way to increase sales and/or ad sales, and look more professional.

I personally check my errors logs on a daily basis. Actually I have about 10-15 logs that I check throughout the day.. everyday. My F5 button is usually the first button to break on my keyboards.

Simple way to track php errors:

Step 1: Open up your favorite FTP client. Mine is gFTP.

Step 2: Also open up your favorite text editor. Mine text editor of choice is gedit.

Step 3: In your FTP client, log onto the website that you want to track the php errors on. I’m going to use my site survivormanfans.com for an example.

Step 4: Once you are logged onto your websites via FTP, go to the “/public_html/” folder which is the main root directory of your website. Then look for a file called “.htaccess”, if there is a file called that in the “/public_html/” folder then download it onto your computer. If there is no file with that name then move on to the step 5.

Below you can see the “.htaccess” file is already on my server.


Step 5: After you download the “.htaccess” file, open it up in your text editor on your computer. If there was no “.htaccess” file on your server, that’s no problem, just create a new blank file in your text editor and then proceed to step 6.

Step 6: Copy the code below and the paste it in your “.htaccess” file like the screenshot below. It does not matter were you paste the code below, you can put it anywhere on the page, it doesn’t matter.

Copy this code, and then paste it onto your “.htaccess” file.

# enable PHP error logging
php_flag log_errors on
php_value error_log /home/domain.com/public_html/errors.log

Below you can see that I pasted the code above onto the “.htaccess” file in my text editor.


Step 7: After you paste the code above into your text editor, you have to edit it for your website. All you have to do is change the following part of the code below:


Now the code above depends on how your servers folder structure is. Usually you can get away with just adding this “/domain.com/public_html/logs/errors.log” without the “/home/” part.

Obviously you will have to change the “/domain.com/” part to your own domain or user. If you are on a shared server, then the “/domain.com/” part will be the username that you use for your cpanel/ftp login.

My code will look like the below code after I edit it for my website:

php_value error_log /home/survivormanfans.com/public_html/errors.log

Step 8: Save the “.htaccess” file like a boss.

Step 9: Now, in your text editor create a new blank file and then save it as “errors.log”. Do not put anything in the file, simply just create a new file, and then save that blank file as “errors.log” on your computer.

Below you can see a blank new file called “errors.log” which nothing on the file.


Step 10: After you finish editing your “.htaccess” file and you have created a new file called “errors.log”, upload both of those files to your “/public_html/” folder on your website. You will have to overwrite the “.htaccess” if you have previously downloaded it.

Step 12: Now open up your FTP client and select the “errors.log” file which you just uploaded, then click on “permission” or the “Chmod” setting, and then change the permission to “777″ or click all the text boxes like my FTP client below. That will allow the server to overwrite the “errors.log” file.

Below you can see I selected the “errors.log” file and have changed the permission to “777″.


Step 13: You are almost done and ready to start tracking your websites php errors. Now simply go through your website and click on some pages, then after you click on a few pages open up your “errors.log” file up in your FTP client, or you can go to the file directly by going to your websites error page which would be “www.domain.com/errors.log”. If you want you can password protect your error logs page to make it more secure.

If you do not see any errors after a decent amount of time, check the file structure you used in your “.htaccess” file to see if its correct.

Most websites will give out some errors of some sort. Fix the more critical first and work your way down, below are some errors I am getting on survivormanfans.com.

I was not getting any errors on my site at first, so I purposely made a php error for an example. You can check out the logs file here.


How does it work? Every time there is a php error on your website, the server will overwrite the “errors.log” file with what went wrong. You can see the time and date of the error, and also what the error is and usually what line the code went wrong. Its a great way to make sure your websites are working correctly.

I hope you enjoy the blog post, please comment if you have any questions. Thanks


Im Back!
Published On December 11th, 2012 by

Hey everyone i’m back! I’m actually working on a case study of ww2helmets.com (along with ww2uniforms.com) which I will be posting on Wednesday or Thursday, but since I haven’t posted in over a year I wanted to give everyone a little update on where I am with things. My first blog post ever was on May 6th, 2006, it is a pretty pathetic post that I really want to take down, however I’ll be keeping all of them initial blog posts up because it’s fun to see my progress. That’s the whole reason i set up this blog, not because i was bored.

I has been a very very long time since that first blog post, in 6 years I have learned a TON about business and marketing (rule #1 dont be cocky, unlike that first blog post :)). I will be restarting my blogging so you guys can continue to follow my progress, I won’t be selling out at all this time, there will be 0 ads and 0 blog post promoting other people or other peoples businesses, and no more guest posts allowed. I’m devoting time out of my busy scheduled to blog, and I wont be making any money from this. This blog will be solely to track my progress and network with other business minded people.

I have to warn you, my spelling and grammar is horrible. I’m not a writer, i’m a marketer, just wanted to give you a fair warning :)

Ok now that’s out of the way, let me give you a little update on me. During high school I screwed around with website making, I built about 7 websites during the 4 years I was in high school, mostly skateboarding websites, never ever did I think I would make a living doing it, shit i thought i was going to be a welder when i grew up haha. In fact when I was in high school people actually made fun of my “hobby”. I graduated high school (barely with like a 1.5 GPA or something… I never went to school) in 05′ from Blackfoot, Idaho. After high school I moved up to Idaho Falls which is about 30 minutes from Blackfoot. After high school I worked at Home Depot in the lumber section for about 8 months, it was actually a pretty fun job but I recognized that I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life.

During the time I worked at Home Depot I decided I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life, so I started going HAM on website making after work, I made about 20 high traffic niche websites, which took me about 6 months but then I was able to live on my own off those websites. I realized from the start that you have to be leveraged in this type of business, that’s why I made about 20 different sites, some things never change. I was working full time at Home Depot and almost working full time in website development during the same time, did that for like 5 or 6 months, it was hell. But in March of 07 I quit Home Depot and have been my own boss for the last 6 years almost.

I did “content” websites till I got tired of them. It was around the same time that YPN was declining that I decided to get into PPC arbitrage. I think it was 08 that I totally switched from content sites to PPC arbitrage. PPC arbitrage is one of my very very favorite things to do, however the work involved is ludacris, and I don’t think i’m smart enough for it anymore lol. I was doing PPC abri to parked domains with high paying ads. I did that from 08 to early 09. In 08 I also launched buyblogcomments.com, which was the first business to ever sell blog comments, now thousands of people sell them. I started to slowly add other seo services and then I started developerhut.com to sell all the services on one platform. That business made great money but it was a shit ton of work, plus I had bunched of quality issues, to be honest im not proud of that biz i could have done better, but I did learn a ton from that business model so it was good to go through all of that. The biggest lesson from that era was to never ever open up a client based business ever again! Client work is not my cup of tea, I like to sell shit!

Which leads to 2012, since 09 I have been building my own ecommerce backend, I probably have 20k+ invested plus maybe thousands of hours of my own coding time. This baby is a beast trust me, it does everything! Email marketing is automated, the product database works a lot like hayneedle.com, I can easily add new websites into the network and all info is stored on a central DB which is great for customer support, the script also has a sexy sales management script, but one of the best features (that have 4+ taken years to develop) is the accounting part of the script, everything is tracked by date, both retail and wholesale prices, not only that but I can also track different layers of product prices, the accounting part of the script has been continually tweaked over the last 4 years.

I do have about another 6 months left of coding work before I can actually start to build my network of eCommerce sites, but now I have a custom made and tested ecom platform to expand on. I am about to move onto phase 2 of this “big” plan, which is to get a warehouse. I think this is a great time to start up blogging again, I will continue to update you all on were I am at with things. In a few months I hope to lease my first distribution warehouse here in Idaho Falls, Ill blog the whole time. This should be fun.

In 2 days I will start my case study on ww2helmets.com, its a smaller niche Im breaking into, I want to show everyone what I actually do for 10+ hours a day :)


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